Landscape reserve «Yelnya»

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One of the unique objects of the reserve fund of Belarus is the republican landscape reserve «Yelnya». This is the largest lake-marsh complex. There are about 100 lakes on the territory of the reserve.

The reserve «Yelnya» was established in 1968 with the aim of preserving the conservation of one of the largest oligotrophic bog massifs in Europe. The maximum length of the reserve from the north to the south is 20.5 km, from the west to the east - 16.6 km.

On the territory of the landscape reserve of republican significance «Yelnya» an ecological path «Ozeravki-Yelnya» was created, which has a length of 1500 meters. The beginning of the ecological path is located 13 km from the city of Miory, on the edge of the upper marsh. The route can be traversed in 1.5 hours. The trail passes through the following biotopes: a transitional swamp, a raised marsh, a disturbed swamp, ridge-moss complexes. Ends this ecological route on the edge of the marsh lakes. Near the trail are an observation tower and an equipped resting place.

The excursion along the hiking route «Country of the cloudy berry» has a length of 4.2 km, of which 3.2 km along the southeastern shore of Lake Nabisto and 1 km along the «Bolot Mokh» reserve and Lake Chernoye.

Also on the territory of the reserve is an ecological visit-center, which is equipped with interactive stands, gaming terminals. Here you can watch movies and read books on environmental issues. And also here you can attend an interactive lesson.

On the territory of the zakaznik you can watch the cranes day and evening in the fields; for eating black grouses (April-May).

On the route Sukhoverje - Lake Kurganistoye conduct excursions on swamps. And here you can make a trip on the swamp.

ince 2012 in September an ecological holiday «Zhuralyi i zhuraviny Myirkaga Krai» is held. This holiday is dedicated to the beginning of the collection of cranberries. According to the reserves of cranberries, Yelnya bog takes first place in Belarus.

Individual and corporate excursions - Landscape reserve «Yelnya»

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