Red Barracks in Bereza

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Red barracks was built in 1870 of red bricks from the destroyed church at the monastery of Carthusians.
From 1915 to 1919 years in the barracks was a German military hospital. In the first half of 1934 in the red barracks housed the «School of the river fleet specialists».
Since 1934, the Polish authorities have placed them in a concentration camp Bereza - Kartuzskiy for the maintenance of political, criminal and economic offenders. The camp is notorious for brutal regime and abuse of detainees. For 5 years of existence of the concentration camps it was visited by about 10 thousand people, many of whom were killed.
In 1939, after the liberation of Western Belarus, instead of a Polish concentration camps where located Soviet concentration camp, and during the war - Nazi.
Now the red barracks building is a shopping center, shopping arcade, gallery, cafe.

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Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Bereza, Lenina str., 104