Building of the former exchequer

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The Treasury - a special state financial institution, responsible for budget money. Organizing the collection of taxes, duties, fees and revenues from the sale of loans and other revenues of the state and releases the funds for expenditure in the budget. The origin of the treasury services is in the days of old Russia, when she became treasurer of the post - the official prince or lord of administration, the keeper of the prince of the property, called the Treasury. With the expansion of the boundaries of the Russian state and the strengthening of Finance is gradually increased, and this requires additional control over the safety of funds. All this has led to an increase in the role of the treasurers and the appearance in the XV century, during the reign of Ivan III, the state house.
Treasury Building in Borisov was built in 1807. In 1812 it burned down. It was later restored. This one-story red brick building.

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Borisov, Lopatin street, 32