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Upper Town of Minsk

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Type: , Monasteries, Objects of culture, , , Katolik churches, , Town hall and shopping arcades, The square and urban development, Churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 19 century Status: The international value Minsk sq. Svobody

Upper Town of Minsk - archaeological, urban planning and architecture of national importance. Located within the boundaries of streets Nemiga International, City Val Embankment Svisloch and consists of buildings and structures XVI - XVIII centuries.

Upper town was formed from the beginning of XVI century as a new town center in the modern Liberty Square and surrounding neighborhoods. until the end XVIII century was surrounded by an earthen rampart.

The ensemble consists of the Upper City Minsk Town Hall, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the monastery of the Jesuits, St. Joseph's Church and Bernardine Monastery, the monastery and church of Bernardine, Basilian monastery, the arcade, shopping arcade, Jesuit College, the building of the Minsk theater, homes, estate house Vankoviches.

Upper Town - the best preserved historic part Minsk, the most visited tourist destination in the city. reveal all text

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Address Minsk sq. Svobody GPS Google: 53.903975′ N, 27.556478′ E