FAQ and the answers to them

  • Activity of the enterprise

    • How long has your enterprise existed, what does it do and what does it represent, can you be trusted?

      Enterprise PRPUP «Automated tourism technologies» was established in 2007, specializes in organizing and developing domestic and incoming tourism in the Republic of Belarus. To date, we have created and operate following Internet portals:

      The Internet portal sanatorii.by All the health resorts of the Republic of Belarus are represented on the portal sanatorii.by, with a detailed description: the direction of treatment, the main methods of treatment, the list of treatment and diagnostic rooms and the infrastructure.
      The Internet portal beltur.by is dedicated to rest in Belarus; here you will find recreation centers, tourist complexes, hotels, hunter's houses and campsites.
      The Internet portal ekskursii.by is dedicated to the sights of Belarus, it offers a variety of thematic and long excursion routes throughout Belarus for individual tourists and corporate groups.
      On the Internet portal beltransfer.by we offer our services in organizing transfer from the railway, bus stations and airports to health resorts, recreation centers, hotels, etc.
      The Internet portal belarus-online.by contains all online services and internet services for work, leisure, shopping, entertainment, sports. These are online stores, online courses, games, services for dating and communication, watching movies, online theaters and much more. In addition to the catalog, the portal contains its own reviews of popular online services, as well as a calendar of events which you can participate without leaving your home.

      All the portals have a convenient booking system, with which you can order services.

      A special channel was opened on youtube, where tre are high-resolution full HD 1080p (1920x1080) videos: small stories about procedures in health resorts, sketches of nature and territory of recreation centers.

      Our enterprise is awarded with diplomas and certificates. Feedbacks on our work you can see on the forum pages.

      General information about the company and its employees is presented on the corporate Internet portal att.by.

    • Does your enterprise have a corporate website?

      Our company has an official website att.by, where all information about the activities of our company and its employees is presented.

  • Types of excursions

    • What is a regular group tour?

      A regular group tour is an excursion in a group, which anyone can join. Such an excursion is held regularly, for example, weekly or even daily, on certain dates according the calendar of group tours.

    • What is an individual excursion?

      An individual excursion is an excursion, which is made individually according to your wishes: time and place of departure, the route of the program, catering in a cafe or restaurant, entertainment planning, etc. Such an excursion is created for one tourist, a family or a small friendly company and implies transport with a driver and a guide.
      Our suggestions you can find in the section Individual excursions.

    • What is a corporate tour?

      Corporate excursion is an excursion for an already formed group. Such an excursion involves the formation of trips that take into account your wishes on the route and program, the organization of lunch, dinner or a banquet, accommodation in a hotel, a recreation center or a manor, as well as a corporate event. You can change an ordinary tour, adding a theatrical program or organize an interactive game, where the tourists will become participants in the historical action.

  • Booking of excursions

    • What does it mean to «book» an excursion? Can I come to a tour without prior booking?

      To book an excursion means sign up for a specific excursion on a certain date. To book excursions, you should send a request by filling out a special booking form. Also you can make an appointment for regular excursions with departure from Minsk, calling on number +37529-756-66-65 or sending a message with one of the mobile applications - Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype. Before booking, read the descriptions of the excursions in order to choose the most interesting route for you.
      If you come to a tour without prior booking, there may not be available seats in the bus and you will not be taken to the excursion. In addition, entrance tickets to the objects on the route and lunches (if provided by the program of the excursion) are ordered in advance. Therefore, in order to be guaranteed to get on the tour, we recommend that you sign up for it in advance.
      For detailed information on the booking procedure and payment for excursions, read How to book an excursion.

    • Is it possible to order an excursion by phone?

      You can make an appointment for regular group excursions with departure from Minsk, by calling on number +37529-756-66-65 or sending a message with one of the mobile applications - Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype.

    • How long before departure can I book an excursion?

      When ordering individual and corporate excursions, the deadline for booking depends on the dates of your stay in Belarus and the employment of guides. The earlier you send the application, the more options we can offer you.
      For regular group excursions, you can sign up in one or two days before the date of the excursion, it's connected with the need for optimal transport planning. Booking for certain routes may close earlier if the group is completely filled. Therefore, we recommend that you sign up for the excursion in advance. For the convenience of users on the main portal page Ekskursii.by the schedule of the nearest group excursions with an indication of the number of available seats is displayed.

    • Where can I find out the excursion schedule?

      The nearest excursions are presented on the main page of the Internet portal Ekskursii.by. The schedule of regular group excursion and tours you can find in the section Calendar of group tours. Also for each specific excursion its schedule is presented on the page with the description.
      Individual and corporate excursions can be organized at any time convenient for you, taking into account the work schedule of the objects of the visit (museums, castles, etc.).

    • What should I do, if I did not receive a response to a query or question within 24 hours?

      Depending on the complexity of your request, a response may take more than 24 hours (creating a tour program, cost calculation, etc.). We do not want to waste your time so we try to answer only in essence. On urgent questions you can contact the specialists of the excursions sales department by phone +37529-756-66-65 either through mobile applications Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype (send a message).

  • Cost of excursions and tours

    • What is included in the price of the excursion/tour?

      The cost of all excursions - group and individual - includes transportation and excursion services (guide, driver, bus/car, all transportation costs (toll roads, fuel, paid parking)). In addition, the cost of group excursions includes admission tickets, and a dinner (for some long-distance routes).
      Detailed information on what is included in the cost of an excursion you can find on the page describing the excursion. We pay your attention to the fact that the list of services included in the cost is different for group and corporate groups.

    • Can the cost of an excursion be changed?

      If you book an excursion in advance, but decide to pay directly before the date of the excursion, the cost may change slightly, which is associated with an increase in the prices of the included services (admission tickets, transportation services, etc.). But such cases are rare.

    • Do you have any discounts?

      We have developed a system of discounts and bonuses for our customers. For more information on discounts on excursion services, lear the information in the section Discounts for excursions and tours in Belarus.

    • Do you provide discounts for children?

      There is no separate system of discounts for children. However, the cost of regular group excursions for children under 16 (inclusive) is usually less than the cost for adults. Children of preschool age (up to 5 years old) can go on a tour for free without providing a separate seat on the bus (in the hands of an adult) and without meals (if provided by the excursion program); Meals for small children can be ordered additionally (please specify in advance when booking the excursion)..

    • Are there any discounts for pensioners?

      There are no discounts for pensioners.

  • Payment for excursions and tours

    • How can I pay for the tour?

      You can pay for the tour in several ways:

      • in the branch of a bank (the invoice in the desired currency with the agreement is loaded on your order page);
      • through Calculation System (ERIP) Calculation System (ERIP) (no commission) for citizens of the Republic of Belarus;
      • in our office in Minsk (Surazhskaya str., 10, office 21) in cash in Belarusian rubles or by card (no commission). Reception of payments in the office is carried out Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30, 13.30-18.00.
    • How to pay for a tour on the Internet?

      To pay for an excursion/tour on the Internet, you should choose the payment method "Payment by Card" on the order page. This method of payment implies payment without commission of the bank in any currency through Electronic payment system bePaid with the use of bankcards Mir, Mastercard or Visa of all types. After agreeing all the conditions of the booking, you will be automatically redirected to the secure page of the BEPAID™ service.

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    • Can I pay for an excursion in cash?

      You can pay for an excursion or a tour in cash at the branch of the bank on the invoice (which is loaded with the contract on your order page) or in the office in Minsk (Surazhskaya str., 10, office 21) (payment in the office in cash in Belarusian rubles). You can learn how to get to the office here.

    • Is there a bank fee for the excursion payment from Russia?

      When paying an invoice for an excursion at a bank branch in Russia, banks charge a transfer fee. Without a commission, you can pay by credit card through Electronic payment system bePaid.

    • How can I pay for a tour without a bank commission?

      You can pay for an excursion or tour without a commission:

      • through the Calculation System (ERIP) for citizens of Belarus;
      • payment by cards Mir, Mastercard or Visa of all types through the system bePaid;
      • at the office by cash or by card. Reception of payments in the office is carried out Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30, 13.30-18.00.
    • Is it possible to pay for an excursion in Russian rubles?

      According to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, all payments by individuals on the territory of the country are made only in Belarusian rubles.
      You can pay a tour in any currency outside the Republic of Belarus. You can pay an invoice for a tour in Russian rubles at the bank branch in the territory of the Russian Federation or by a bank card through the system bePaid.

    • Can I pay for a tour in the office by a Russian bank card?

      You can pay by a Russian bank card of an international standard in our office in Minsk (Surazhskaya str., 10, office 21).

    • Is it safe to pay for excursions by credit card?

      Payment by bank card through the system bePaid is safe. Data transmission is carried out on a separate channel using modern encryption methods, the BEPAID™ system supports modern 3D-Secure protection technologies. At the same time, any possibility of interception of confidential information is excluded. The data is transmitted in an encrypted form and stored only on a specialized server of the BEPAID™ system. All transactions are protected by Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode technologies.

    • What cards do you accept for payment?

      You can use Mastercard, Visa, Mir and BELKART.

    • Why does the card issue an error?

      The system bePaid provides acceptance of payments on bank cards of international standard. But some banks may impose restrictions on the cards issued by them for calculation on the Internet. In this case, to get full information about the possibility of making payments via the Internet using the card, you should contact the customer support of your bank by phone on the back of your card.
      If you have any questions about payment, you can also contact the employees of our company by a message on your order page, or call uor specialists Contacts.

    • Do you accept payment from a legal entity??

      Legal entity can pay for an excursion or tour. When booking select the payment method and currency. After confirming the booking of the excursion/tour, you should provide the data of the organization that will make the payment. Upon receipt of the necessary data, you will be sent documents for payment - an invoice and a agreement. After making the payment, send a copy of the payment order and the last page of the agreement with the signatures by:

      • downloading files from the page of your order page;
      • using mobile applications Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram on +375 29-756-66-65;
      • on e-mail;
      • to the fax: +37517 394-59-09.

      After the tour, the original agreement, invoice and act of the executed works will be sent to the postal address.

    • Is it possible to pay for a tour when boarding a bus?

      The excursion should be paid in advance, which gives you a guarantee that the seats will be assigned to you. In some cases, upon agreement with the specialists of the excursions sales department it is allowed to pay in cash in Belarusian rubles before boarding the bus, 30 minutes before the excursion.

    • What happens after the payment?

      After payment you will receive an excursion receipt or confirmation of booking with information about the excursion: date, time and place of the meeting, name of the tour guide.

  • Refuse from an excursion and money refund

    • How many days before can I cancel a paid excursion?

      You can refuse from the paid tour no later than 24 hours before it starts.

    • Is it possible to return the cost of the excursion if you refuse it?

      If you have to refuse a paid excursion or tour, you will be given back the cost of the excursion minus the actual expenses incurred. It is a bank commission for accepting a payment, consulting service, penalties under the contract of the tour operator with the excursion object. Refund is made directly to the customer of excursion or tours. If you pay for an excursion by card, the refund is made to the card, with which was used for payment.

    • What is the amount of refund, if I refuse from a paid tour?

      If you have to refuse a paid excursion or tour, you will be given back the cost of the excursion minus the actual expenses incurred. It is a bank commission for accepting a payment, consulting service, penalties under the contract of the tour operator with the excursion object.
      If the excursion is rejected less than 24 hours before it starts, the actually incurred expenses of the enterprise are considered equal to 100% and the payment is not refundable.
      The size of the consulting service depends on the type of excursion (tour). For detailed information on the refund and the cost of consulting services, click here.

  • Details about the excursion

    • How can I find out the place, where the excursion starts?

      The place of departure for the excursion is indicated in the excursion receipt and in the agreement.
      As a rule, group excursion from Minsk start from railway station (central escalator). It is also possible to start from another address in the center of Minsk (this information is specified by the specialists of the excursions sales department in advance).
      The start of the individual excursion - from the hotel or any address convenient to you.

    • We rest in a health resort or recreation center outside Minsk. Can we start an excursion from our place of residence?

      It is possible if you book an individual excursion. The cost of the excursion itself will be recounted taking into account the transfer to the place of residence. Also, staying at some health resorts or recreation centers near Minsk, you can join the group excursions. For this opportunity and information on cost, please contact the specialists of the excursions sales department.

    • How long before departure should I come to an excursion?

      Group gathering and boarding the bus is usually made in 15-20 minutes before departure.

    • What happens if I miss the excursion?

      If you are late or do not know how to get to the meeting place, you can always contact us for advice on the phone on duty +37529-756-66-65 (contact numbers of the specialists of the excursions sales department are also indicated in the excursion receipt). Under force-majeure circumstances we can always wait for you ( 10-20 minutes).
      To plan your routes, we recommend you to learn how to get to our office.

    • Can I reschedule an excursion?

      If we have free dates, you can chage the date of the excursion. It's better to inform about the date in advance.

    • Can I go on an excursion today?

      If you want to join the group excursion according the calendar and there are some available seats, you can go to an excursion today.
      If you want to order an individual excursion, in most cases it can be organized in the same day (according the working hours of places of visit).

    • What is the language of guided tours?

      Group excursions are held in russian. For foreign guests, we can offer excursions with a radio guide, which allow to held excursions for international groups where the information should be given in 2 different languages at the same tme.
      An individual excursion can be held in Belarusian, Russian or any foreign language at the request of a customer. This issue is agreed upon in the process of booking an excursion.

    • What should I take with me?

      You can take money for additional expenses (souvenirs, donations in the temples (if there is a program), meals (if not included in the program), etc.). Also, when boarding the bus, we recommend you have a printed or electronic version of the excursion receipt.

    • Is it necessary to print an excursion receipt?

      Is it not obligatory to print an excursion receipt, you can show the guide its electronic version.

    • How many participants are in the excursion groups?

      The number of participants in the group excursion varies according time of the year. In the low season, the number of participants is usually up to 20 people, in high season (summer and New Year's holidays) the number of participants can reach 60-70 people. In the case of a large number of participants in the sites of the visit, the group is divided into 2-3 subgroups so that tourists do not feel any inconvenience.

    • Will the excursions be held if the bus is not full?

      The excursions will be held if there are enough minimum participants. This minimum rate is determined individually for each excursion.
      In case there are not enough participants, the tour operator warns about it the day before the excursion. In this situation, it is proposed to take another excursion with the compensation of the difference in cost (or with a surcharge, if the proposed tour is more expensive) or change the date of the excursion, or return the money for the failed excursion.

    • What buses are used for excursions?

      The choice of a bus depends on the number of tourists. If the number of participants is less than 20 people, the excursions are carried out on Mercedes or Volkswagen minibuses, if a group is more than 20 people - the buses of tourist class (Neoplan, Scania, Mercedes, etc.) will be taken.
      For individual excursions with a small number of people cars or minivans can be used.

    • Can I bring food and drink to the bus?

      You can eat and drink on the board. However, drinking alcoholic beverages, including beer, is not allowed. Also, you can not get the bus with hot dogs, ice cream and other products that can spoil the bus salon. Before the excursion, please, learn the travel advisory.

    • Can I see anything during the tour at my personal request?

      All excursions have a certain route specified in the program. During the regular group excursuons you join other tourists, any deviations from the program are inconvenient and impossible. You can order an individual excursion, made entirely according to your wishes.

    • Will I have the opportunity to walk alone or go shopping?

      Not every regular group excursions provide free time for tourists. You can ask this question while booking.
      When ordering an individual excursion, the excursion program is adjusted to suit your wishes and free time can be provided.

    • What lunch options are possible during the excursions?

      Some excursions include a pre-ordered lunche at the cafe.
      During the excursions, which don't include dinners, you will have free time to have a snack yourself. Your guide will gladly recommend you some good restaurants.

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