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Memorial complex «А curse on Fascism»

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Type: Memorial complex Date of Foundation: 1983 year Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Dokschitsy district, Shunyovka

The memorial complex «А curse on Fascism» was opened on July,3 1983 at the place of village Shunevka, Dokshitsy district, Vitebsk region, Republic of Belarus. Here on May,22 1943 German invaders have burned the village, together with the local population.

The main monument, which is located in the center of the complex, is a bronze figure of a woman-mother. It's height of 4.75 m. She is standing with holding up of curse hands , in the opening of the gate. The height of it are 11.5 meters. For horizontal bar to the gate are attached 3 bells, two of them emit a chime, and the third splits. That symbolizes that during the war the region Dokshytsy has lost every third citizen.
In the center of the complex is located a hob with the names of dead people. In place of the burned houses were erected 22 memorial signs. They are representing the stone foundations of a three-step porch and the bronze flames, which are listed the names of the dead owners of the houses. Not far from the center of the monument on the site of the shell, in which the invaders have thrown small children and their teacher, built a concrete sump frame. In the shell is placed a bronze sculpture of punched and burnt a kite with the names of the dead children as a symbol of the broken children's lives.

In 2010 was the reconstruction, which was substantially corrected the state of the memorial complex: the foundations have been restored mansions, was laid new tile on the tracks and paved parking. The monument was cleaned with acid, re-painted and protonated. At the entrance to the memorial of the track has become illuminated. Now here is light, which can be considered complex, even in the dark.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Dokschitsy district, Shunyovka