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Governor Palace - an architectural monument of classicism. Erected in 1772 year on the high left bank of the Western Dvina. The palace was the residence of the governors of Vitebsk province, in the summer of 1812 year it stopped Napoleon, heading for Moscow.

The building consists of two buildings. The main floors, housing is built at the turn of 1760 - 1770 years in classical style, and belonged to private individuals. At the end of the eighteenth century, it housed the Nobility. In 1811 year, a three-story building along the river have a two-story annex, which are visible features of the late classical (architector F. Sankovsky). The main building was located on the ground floor entrance hall with central staircase, with both sides were placed four small rooms and room service. On second floor - office space governor: reception, office, living room. The third floor is entirely reserved for private apartments of the governor and his family. In two-story wing on the first floor were the offices and the office of Governor, on the second - a large hall for concerts, plays, balls.

History of the palace is connected with many events and names outstanding people. Polish choreographer M. Pion put in the hall of the palace its performances. At the beginning of the XX century in the palace the famous American Isadora Duncan danced.

Palace Square was the most well-attended town square. It was not like others. The palace complex has dominated and emphasized his appointment, it felt the strength and serenity, the townspeople liked to come here to look at the flowing water fountain, listen to brass band music, sit on the benches along the Dvina.

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