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Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Type: Katolik churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1700 year Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Svoboda square, 9

Сhurch built in 1710-1732 years as the church of Jesus, Mary and St. Barbara in the Jesuit monastery. The temple was built in Baroque style and is a three-section building with two two-towered chapel - Holy Trinity and Filitsianovoy - on both sides. Catholic church was the main element formed over the XVI - XVIII centuries Jesuit Collegium Ensemble - stronghold of the Catholic Order of Jesuits. In Minsk, the Jesuits appeared in 1654 year received the support of the local magnate elite, Jesuits begin to create a single monumental architectural complex. In 1699 year they built a two-storey stone building Jesuit School (now the School of Music, Liberty Square, 7). Next began construction of the church of Jesus, Mary and Saint Barbara. He was the most expressive and representative in the area of High Market.

Church was decorated richly and sumptuously inside: the arches are decorated with ornamental painting, the walls are painted narrative compositions, made in the technique of fresco painter Kazimir Antoshevskiy. Attracted the attention of pilasters with characteristic features of baroque style with carved wooden figures of the twelve apostles. The temple was a large number of paintings XVII - XVIII centuries, among which were the work of S.Chekhovich and I. Oleshkevich.

In XVII - early XVIII centuries, the whole system of education in Minsk in the hands of the Jesuits. Beginning in 1682 year, they are taught in their school rhetoric, poetry, syntax and grammar. Later in the course introduces theology, Hebrew, ethics, mathematics, physics, logic, and metaphysics. Remained on the existence of information in the Collegium school theater, the first presentation of which are known from the 1692 year.

After the abolition of the Jesuits, and in connection with the reform of education in the Commonwealth Jesuit school in 1773 year was transformed into a secular school. At the end of the XVIII century in the school building and is located here until 1917 year residence of the Governor . The school, renamed the noble college in 1799 year was transferred into the body of the male Basilian monastery.

In 1820 - 1822 years Minsk governor in the house often visited and worked in his library Decembrist N. Murav”ev. It is in these years began to write the first version of its constitution, which came to be known as ”version of Minsk” .

In 1798 year the church changed its status and became the cathedral named in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since 1951 year, closed up 90”s years there was the ”House of athletes”, in the early 90”s years temple was returned to believers.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Svoboda square, 9 GPS Google: 53.903134′ N, 27.554719′ E