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Building of the former yeshiva

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Type: Synagogues Date of Foundation: 1806 year Status: Republican value Volozhin, Kirovа st., 2

Volozhin yeshiva opened in 1803 and was the first institution of higher spiritual School in Eastern Europe to prepare rabbis. During the dawn of the Volozhin yeshiva studied more than 400 students from all over the Russian Empire. 37 graduate at different times and in different countries held the position of chief rabbi. In 1896, the yeshiva was officially closed, the Russian government has required the introduction of the Russian language in the teaching program, the study of secular subjects and limitations of study up to 10 hours. Last 60 students along with the head of the yeshiva and rabbi were murdered by the Nazis in 1941, 2 km north of the city.

Now the building was transferred to the ownership Judah of religious communities in the Republic of Belarus and the restoration.

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Photo - Building of the former yeshiva

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Address Volozhin, Kirovа st., 2 GPS Google: 54.091074′ N, 26.527965′ E