Church of St. Petr i Pavel in Bereza

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The Church of St. Petr i Pavel in Bereza is an architectural monument of Russian-Byzantine style.

For the first time the Uniate church in Bereza was mentioned in 1618. The building is attributed to Lev Sapieha, who bought back Bereza in 1617. After the death of Chancellor his youngest son - a famous statesman Leon Casimir Sapieha became church's Fundator. In 1656, after the death of Casimir Sapieha, the church moved to Bereza Carthusian monastery.

In 1772, the Uniate priest Daniel Sushinsky built a new church of stone with a tin roof in Bereza-Kartuzskaya. It was consecrated in the honor of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. In 1803, Bereza was the largest parish in the Pruzhany district and counts 1799 members. The rior at the time was Michael Mahatsievich and his assistant was Simon Wierzbicki. The latter was the Greek-Catholic priest of Bereza church until the elimination of church union in 1839. In 1839, Bereza temple became Orthodox.

As a result of the restructuring on the eve of World War II, the building has become a traditional composition of 4 parts: 3-tier belfry, refectory, the main volume and the apse with the vestries.

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Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Bereza, Sovetskaya str., 1