Church of Christmas of Maiden Maria in Borisov

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Church of Christmas of Maiden Maria - a monument of architecture of late classicism. The stone church is constructed in the XIX-th century beginning on a place of the burned down wooden.

In 1900 in a church there was a strong fire, but all has managed safely. In the church has found a place miraculously survived the fire icon with the image of the icon of the Mother of God blessed the infant Jesus on her arm. In 1937 a church as an espionage nursery, have closed, and the prior Adolf Kshevitsky and other persons close to a church have disappeared in Gulag torture chambers. Have arrested even the cleaner 54-year-old Martsiana Kazimirovna Kulakovskaya, which also named the spy and on December, 9th, 1937 have shot in Borisov. The church property has disappeared also, and the building began to be used as miscellaneous storehouse state property.

After 1945 a building have adapted under a cinema, having destroyed thus characteristic features of a temple construction. In 1965 a cinema has moved to the new fundamental building specially constructed for it, and the released church have passed medical school for use in quality gym. And when also the school has received a new building, the church became to be empty. The local authorities had intention to adapt it for the museum expositions and different exhibitions, but by then the building already demanded major repairs.

On October, 24th, 1988 efforts of catholics-enthusiasts temple have returned to believers.

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Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Borisov, street of 3 International, 28