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Type: Locks, fortresses, strengthenings Date of Foundation: 19 century Status: The international value Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Grodno, st.Zamkovaya, 22

Grodno Old Castle - the historical complex of fortifications XI-XIX centuries. The original castle was built as a wooden fortress. But after a fire in the 1398 Duke Vytautas built on the site pyatibashenny gothic Upper Castle, later known as the Old. The castle is situated on a high and steep hill on the right bank at the confluence of the Neman River Gorodnichanka it. The length of the walls reached almost 300 m with an average thickness of about 3 m height of the walls were unequal, and ended with teeth.

In the years 1576-1586 Upper Castle became the residence of King Stefan Batory Foundation and was rebuilt again, from the fortress built by Vytautas, leaving only the walls and some towers. Rearrangement involved in Parma architect Scott, who brings to the ensemble spirit of the Renaissance castle. During the Northern War of 1700-1721 the castle was destroyed by the Swedes. To have survived the palace, fragments of defensive walls, the ruins of the Lower and Upper Church, the prince s quarters, the bridge and the site of ancient castle.

In 1925, the former royal palace opened on historical and archaeological museum.

Today the architectural gem is undergoing new changes. It is not the first year that the former power of the majestic structure has been returned. The start of a large-scale reconstruction was given in 2017.

On November 6, 2021, the first stage of work was completed: the first stage of work included the construction of the entrance and middle towers, restoration of the fortress wall with a gallery between the towers, construction of a measuring hut and kamenitsa. In these premises, a new exposition with interactive zones is located, which will tell about the history of both the castle itself and the Grodno region as a whole. Among the exhibits, located in seven halls, there are many unique ones, including archaeological finds from the Castle Hill. A medieval printing house will also work in the museum, where you can get acquainted with the technology of creating engravings. An observation deck with views of the historic city center was also opened in the castle.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Grodno, st.Zamkovaya, 22 GPS Google: 53.677325′ N, 23.823036′ E