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Gallery Felix Yanushkevich in Rakov

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The famous artist, restorer and the candidate of art sciences, tireless guides and motivation for action - we are talking about Felix Yanushkevich.

Travel a lot around the world and observe the manifestations of art and attitude in different countries, it is a wise decision. I moved from Minsk to the suburbs, by a small home - in cancer. Place it with the amazing story of the rich heritage of the past and reputation "Smuggler capital".

This is where the artist opened a private gallery to acquaint the guests with their creativity and sell work. On the background here and there met antiques, over time they became more and more, as well as their fans. Gradually from the background they have turned into an ethnographic museum exhibition.

Exhibits appear here entertaining way. Something discovered during archaeological excavations, but something in the attic found. Some things in rakovchan borrowed - those that are not necessary, but they throw was a pity. And that's just in a landfill found - people sometimes emit extremely valuable items, not even knowing about.

Today, in the gallery you can find anything. This, of course, works fine artist. In addition, Europe's largest ceramics collection. You can also look at old documents, old household items and furniture, musical instruments and even fragments of Slutsk belts.

Gallery Felix Yanushkevich - is a fascinating journey into the world of art for residents of Belarus and guests from around the world.

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Address Рэспубліка Беларусь, Мінская вобл., Мінскі раён, в. Ракаў GPS Google: 53.9628′ N, 27.0547′ E