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Форт №5

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Type: Locks, fortresses, strengthenings, Monuments Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Brest

«Museum fort № 5» is located in the Arcadia district of Brest. The tour introduces visitors to the monument of military architecture, a model of fortification of XIX - beg. XX centuries. Existing structures (caponiers, traverses, proud bastion), ground combat vehicles, archives, relics from the excavation to help trace the course of the serial fortification on the example of Brest-Litovsk fortress.

In 1995 «Fort №5» was included in the list of the Republic of Belarus 2 category of historical and cultural values.

Among the exhibitions of the «Fort №5» museum:
The hall for temporary exhibitions: «Western outpost of the Fatherland» - a temporary photo exhibition. The exhibits tells the history of the construction of the forts of the Brest Fortress and the fate of the soldiers of Brest-Litovsk fortress garrison late XIX - early XX centuries.
Hall of the permanent exhibition: open arms playground - 9 exhibited the Soviet artillery during World War II and the Soviet BTR-60 1960. Release. These exhibits were transferred to the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

«Fort №5» belongs to «Museum of War- the territory of peace».

Excursion «I, 5 fort testify» (1 h. 30 min.): during the inspection of the fort the visitors get acquainted with the temporary exhibition «Western outpost of the Fatherland», the open area of arms, history, building fortifications, Brest Fortress, the history of the fort 5, biographies of military engineers who participated in the construction and modernization of the objects of fortification of the Brest Fortress. Visitors can see the concrete and caponiers polukaponirami, underground galleries (postern) Fortova and other facilities. Visiting the fort is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, carry a flashlight.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest GPS Google: 52.047665′ N, 23.673518′ E