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The August channel - a lock of Dombrovkа

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Type: Hydraulic engineering constructions Status: Included or offered for inclusion in the list of a world heritage of UNESCO Grodno region
The August channel - the first artificial waterway in Europe. He connects directly two big rivers – Vistula and Neman and in due time provided communication with the Black Sea. 102,2 km. a water smooth surface, including 22 in the territory of Belarus, include numerous locks and movable bridges that attracts a great number of tourists. It is possible to learn history of a grandiose construction here and to inhale fresh air of the nature, to admire picturesque types and to make fine photos. But if you want to feel all charm of the August channel – surely specify about desire to walk by motor ship with locking – unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. The way will pass across the channel course among the untouched bewitching woods of the August dense forest. reveal all text

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Address Grodno region