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Nesvizh Church (Church of Jesuits)

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Type: , Katolik churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1586 - 1599 yy Status: Included or offered for inclusion in the list of a world heritage of UNESCO Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh, Mickevicha

Nesvizh Church (Farny Church, Church of Jesuits) - architectural monument of the early Baroque - the first building of this style in the territory of Rech Pospolitaya, built in the late XVI century Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni at the expense of the owner Nesvizh Prince Radziwill Sirotka. The prototype of the church is the Roman church Il Gesu, built in 1584 by architects Viñoly and Porto. The church was built in conjunction with the Jesuit College.

Temple is a stone three-nave basilica. The main facade completed a triangular pediment. Decorate the building of deep niches with statues of saints (Nicholas, Christopher, Francis and Xavier).

Interior of the church has a magnificent décor, the dome and vaults are decorated with frescoes. The main altar of the church is decorated with the painting ”Last Supper” painter Heskey. Critics are now regularly attended church murals over 40 songs. Above the entrance is located a body near frescoes depicting saints, playing a musical instrument.

Decorate the church, and sculptural works - altars of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary made of marble, and several monuments of secular memorial sculpture: monuments founder of the temple Radziwill Sirotka and his children. In the shallow relief on the stone shows a baby lying with his arms folded on the lid of the coffin, strewn with flowers, a monument to the first-born Sirotka, who died at age two. Large gravestone with a bust placed in the memory of another son of Sirotka, who died at the age of 16 from the plague at Bologna, where the young prince went to university. Third, the relief of the gravestone of sandstone, was carried out after the death of Sirotka. Here, the founder of the Nesvizh ordination presented in the guise of a pilgrim, praying against the backdrop of knights” armor. Below epitaph, composed by the Sirotka, which says that in the face of death no knight.

The temple is the tomb Radziwill family. In the cave under the church, in the crypt in the tombs, sarcophagi lie embalmed body Radziwill many generations. The first one was buried there himself Sirotka in 1616. Radziwill Crypt - the only one in Eastern Europe the necropolis of historical names. His well-deserved placed next to the famous crypt of the Habsburgs in Vienna and the pantheon of Spanish Monarchs in the castle complex Escorial near Madrid.

One of the attractions of church yard is ”Chapel Bulgarin” or ”Tower of murderer". Put it in the beginning of the XVIII century Russian writer”s grandfather Thaddeus Bulgarin - Skanderbekom Bulgarin. There are opinions that in it he was buried. History of the tower reads as follows: once quarreled with a neighbor, Bulgarin killed him with a gun and was very sorry about this. According to the laws of the time, according to the Lithuanian Statute, he had to pay a ”virus” and gave the family of killed man several villages. And then built a chapel and a few days, without food and water, to atone for his sin and paid for 350 years ahead of the annual service for the dead.

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Date Tour Adults / children
08:00 12-December (Saturday) Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace
2'742 / 2'322
08:00 19-December (Saturday) Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace
2'742 / 2'322
09:00 26-December (Saturday) Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace
2'742 / 2'322
09:00 31-December (Thursday) Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace
2'742 / 2'322
09:00 02-January-2021 (Saturday) Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace
81'607 / 69'107

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh, Mickevicha GPS Google: 53.220688′ N, 26.683548′ E