Park Mankovichi

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Park "Mankovichi" is a monument of landscape art on the outskirts of Stolin, on the left bank of the river Gorin. It was dug in 1885 of princess Maria Radziwill. The area is 27.9 hectares. Park has landscape planning. In the center there is the bulk terrace, which stood the palace on. Terrace limited earthen wall height of 1.5 m with flower beds and decorative shrubs. The park has about 35 species of trees and shrubs, including Exotic: Weymouth pine and black pine, north oak, laurel poplar, larch, fir, white, single-colored and Caucasian, basswood, viburnum Canadian, etc. There is memorial sign in memory of the founder of the park from her son Stanislaw. Park is declared as a natural monument of national importance.

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The Republic of Belarus, Brest region., Stolin