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The drilling rig is a structure that is intended for drill wells. There are several classifications of drilling rigs. The drilling rigs by type of work are classified into:

  • for maintenance work;
  • for exploration work;
  • for technical wells.
By the way of transportation:
  • self-propelled, drilling towers, which have their own motor base;
  • mobile, can be moved with special machines;
  • stationary, their movement is possible only in parts and blocks.
Also, there is a classification by the drilling method:
  • rotary drilling;
  • rotational shock drilling;
  • percussive drilling;
  • shock-rotational drilling;
  • vibration drilling;
  • fire-jet drilling;
  • discharge-impulse drilling.

The drilling rigs are used both for drilling wells for oil production, and for drilling observation wells. These holes are needed to establish the amount of oil that has been pumped out and left.

Drilling rig contains the following systems:
  • the energy complex, serves to provide electricity to the mechanisms.
  • a mechanical system that includes a lifting device, moves heavy elements.
  • the auxiliary system contains elements of movement, equipment for ventilation, lighting, water supply and heating.
  • the information system controls the operation of the main units and assemblies.
  • thanks to the circulation system, the chemical solution enters the drill string.

In addition to various systems, the drilling rig consists of: a pump, pipes, a vibrating screen, a preventer, a swivel, and a drill.

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