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The Manor Olesh-Berezhnovskih

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Type: Palaces, Parks, squares Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Stolin district, Novoye Berezhnoye

Manor Olesh-Berezhnovskih includes the old park, the manor house and outbuildings in Novo Berezhnoye, Stolin district, Brest region. Initially, these lands were belonged to davidgorodokskiy prince Fyodor Yaroslavovich, who had presented the village Berezhnoye to Olesha Petrovich in 1508. And from that time Berezhnoye was owned by clan Olesh-Berezhnovskih four centuries. Then, in the middle of the nineteenth century, ownership passed to the clan Kenevichy and the last owner of the estate was Caesar Olesha.
Manor in Novo Berezhnoye was layed in the late XIХ century. The plan has the shape of an elongated rectangle. Manor Park was built in the depths of the park. The building is rectangular in plan (30х13m), two-story. The roof is hipped with lucarnes. On the northern side of the facade there is a vestibule with a large terrace (13х4m). On the opposite side of the back is low faceted tower with tent completion. Windows of the park facade are large, almost the entire floor height, shape - with a bow-shaped and semicircular termination. The building was made of red bricks.

To the manor through the garden leads hornbeam's path with a border of hawthorn. The road runs between two relatively dense arrays of small complex composition, behind which opened parterre lawn. The grass-plot is the main compositional element of the park. It's big, has asymmetrical shape. At the entrance the trees are planted triangle-shaped, arranged symmetrically, but different composition. Cullis wood near the house are located picturesque asymmetrically . The left one (on the corner of the house) consists of 4 firs ordinary, right - from spruce prickly shifted to the side facade.
The park is shaped like a naturalistic landscape. Its feature is the diversity of the plants.

Not far from the palace and preserved distillery. After Oleshy, when here came the Soviet regime, there continued to distill alcohol. And during the Second World War there was a German garrison, and the Germans were distilled alcohol. When there cames guerrillas, they also did not touch the distillery. This winery works to our time.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Stolin district, Novoye Berezhnoye GPS Google: 52.011264′ N, 26.988884′ E