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Type: Parks, squares Date of Foundation: 1768 year Status: Republican value The Republic of Belarus, Brest region Kobrin, st. Suvorova, 43

Suvorov park is located in the estate «Kobrin key» and is one of the oldest parks in Belarus. In 1768 on the orders of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania podskarbi A. Tizengauzen it was laid park named province. In 1795, the estate of martial Merit was granted by Catherine II Field Marshal Alexander Suvorov. There he lived in 1797, 1800. In the 18th century the area of the park did not exceed 4 hectares. The park was surrounded by a rampart and ditch, which is located inside a garden and pond. On the shore stood the house of Suvorov (demolished in 1894). On the site of the destroyed wooden house installed a bust of the commander. Since 1948 is a park of culture and rest Suvorov.

The park is growing more than 70 species of trees and shrubs. In the old part of the park preserved lime tree planted during the life of Alexander Suvorov. The area is 32 hectares. Decree of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus from 16.07.2007 №72 Park declared a botanical nature.

The park installed 18 rides, including «Waltz», «Calypso», roller coaster «the Mini Mouse» chained carousel «Rise», «Helicopters» road train «Express - Highway», electric cars, inflatable trampoline «The Rock» attraction «Jingle Bells», «Sun», «galloping horses», «boats», «Children's carousel», «North», pedal boats and bumper boats. The park is located fairytale castle - Children's entertainment center «Kesha». Set within which three-tiered labyrinth game, and 6 slots. For those who like to shoot - a simulator «The House of Dead -3», for future racers, «Formula 1» - «the Sega Rally», Derby «Out Run» fans, there are also educational games rides «Squirrel »and «Aquarium». The amphitheater building, calculated by 2 thousand. Seats for concerts.

In 2009, near the lake was built dazzling white rotunda, where kobrinchane and guests on Fridays may conduct formal wedding procedure and at the weekend held humorous wedding for everyone. Not far from the dance floor is located ski roller track with rental of roller skates and roller skis. Year-round in the park guided tours, different thematic focus.

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Address The Republic of Belarus, Brest region Kobrin, st. Suvorova, 43 GPS Google: 52.201636′ N, 24.35173′ E