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Former Navagrudak gymnasium building

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Type: Objects of culture, The square and urban development Date of Foundation: 1910 year Status: Republican value Novogrudok, Sechko str., 1

Today in Novogrudok there is a preserved building of the former gymnasium. It is an architectural monument of the early XX century. It is a rectangular, three-storeyed, symmetrical building, without any decoration.

Soon after the Soviet-Polish war a new gymnasium was opened in Novogrudok. At that time it was considered as the Belarusian-Russian gymnasium. It was private and had 8 classes. Its leavers were not permitted to enter universities in Poland. That”s why many young people moved to study in the universities of other European countries where often they were accepted without any exams and were provided scholarships.

Such well-known Belarusian scientists and artists as Nina Taras, Boris Kit, Leonid Borisoglebsky and many others graduated from the gymnasium. For a few years a famous painter Yazep Drozdovich had been working here as a teacher.

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Address Novogrudok, Sechko str., 1 GPS Google: 53.606604′ N, 25.8236′ E