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The memorial complex «Yama»

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Type: Memorial complex Date of Foundation: 1947 year Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Melnikaite street, 11

Memorial «Yama» is located on the street in Minsk and Melnikaite dedicated to victims of the Holocaust. Here, 2 March 1942 year the Nazis were shot about 5000 prisoners of the Minsk ghetto. The obelisk is set in 1947 year and a bronze sculpture of «The Last Way» - in 2000 year. Authorship of a bronze sculpture belongs to the Belarusian artist, the chairman of the Jewish community of Belarus Leonid Levin and sculptor from Israel Elsa Pollak.

Memorial is a deep hole at the bottom of which is an obelisk of black granite. On the obelisk in Russian and Yiddish is written: «... The memory on the bright days of five thousand Jews perished at the hands of fierce enemies of mankind - the German fascist criminals. 02.03.1942 year... » in front of it - a circular area of the black pavement. Down the ravine are 17 steps, which is located on the track ”The Last Way”, which represents a group of condemned martyrs, going down to the bottom.

Near the memorial laid Avenue of the Righteous. It immortalized the names of the Belarusians who, under pain of death, saved the people ”wrong” nationality. Annually held here March 2 funeral memorial service.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Melnikaite street, 11 GPS Google: 53.909769′ N, 27.542904′ E