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Type: Industrial buildings Date of Foundation: 1864 - 1864 yy Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kiseleva str. 30

Beer factory Alivaria - is one of the oldest surviving and operating plants in Minsk and Belarus and the oldest working brewery in Belarus.

Company history dates back to the XIX century. During its existence the plant produced beers changed many names and owners, but the plant's products have always remained at the highest level and found a lot of buyers.

Start-up of the plant began in 1864 when the lower middle class woman in Minsk Frumkina wooden brewery opened at the intersection of Alexandrovskaya and Zagorodnaya streets on the decision of the Minsk Province Administration.

In 1894, the new owner graph Czapski built a stone brewery, hotel and other administrative buildings. Beer produced according to German recipe. Earl served as the head of the Minsk city and did a lot of good for the city: the end contributed to the current structure of the Yanka Kupala Theatre, built the first pawnshop in Minsk and in Belarus the first public telephone stations, founded Mariinsky women's gymnasium and vocational Minsk credit society, as well as organized in horse tram - konka. In 1896, under the leadership of Czapski brewery was the first medal and a letter of commendation at the National Art Fair in Nizhny Novgorod.

In 1899 the factory goes into the possession of the Austrian merchants brothers Lekertam who produced beer until 1917. They had four rail cars for transportation of refrigerated beer in Vilna, Bialystok, Brest, Grodno, Bobruisk. In the cellar of the winery found bottles of that time. Marking of these bottles was a glass stamp printed on the bottle, which contained the name of the product, information about the owner and address. In times of control brothers Lekertov changes occurred in the design of the bottles: simultaneously with glass stamps began to use paper labels oval, which had an eagle, which carries in its claws the barrel. The trademark in the Soviet period was not used, and only in the early 90-ies of XX century, he again took his place.

In 1917 the factory was nationalized and became a state-owned enterprise under the name Brewery "Belarus". With the onset of World War II work in the factory did not stop. Annually produced thousands of liters of beer. The last decades of the Soviet period for the factory were extremely heavy. Development plan Minpischeproma BSSR provided his closing: neither the equipment nor the technology has not been updated. Depreciation of fixed assets exceeded 90%. Nevertheless, the team took the only possible solution to save the team and the best traditions of the Belarusian brewing - about privatizing the company.

In 1994, the factory was returned to the pre-revolutionary trademark - eagle carrying a barrel. Logo complemented date of the founding of the factory - in 1864. There are new names of beers. Much attention has been paid to the development of a new label design. In 1996 began the reconstruction of global production - replaced and commissioned modern equipment. Following the results of the reconstruction quality indicators of beer Olivariya meet all requirements of the European Convention brewing (EMU), and were also increased production capacity for beer. In 2007, beer Alivaria Extra proved right to the title of the beer world champion, having won the championship in Chicago. In 2009, beer Alivaria Extra was the only Belarusian beer, which has received an award for great taste - 2 stars on competition Superior Taste Award in Brussels, organized by the International Taste and Quality Institute. A year later, this beer again to repeat its success in the Belgian competition, and won a bronze medal at the international competition in Melbourne. Currently the factory is adequately represented in the Belarusian and EU market of beer production, and its quality is controlled by the fourth-largest brewer Carlsberg Group.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kiseleva str. 30 GPS Google: 53.915217′ N, 27.561581′ E