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Elias Church in Orsha

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Type: Churches Style: Retrospective -russian Date of Foundation: 1880 year Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Orsha city

Elias Church in Orsha - architectural monument of Russian retrospective style. Built of brick in 1880 (in the place of the church in 1460), on the left bank of the river Dniepr. The area of the church surrounded by a stone wall, the corners of which are reinforced by buttresses, decorative turrets. From the side street. 2nd camp monumental gate. Temple longitudinal axis, the composition of: the belfry, refectory short, cube-shaped main volume, five-sided apse. The main volume covered hipped roof with a belt around the perimeter of corbel arches and octagonal drum with a dome in the form of a bulb at the close. The same dome shape slender neck is completing a three-tier belfry and the roof of the apse. Located tier as different-sized volumes of the church, they give a dynamic vertical compositions. The facades are saturated with active plastic, borrowed from the ancient Russian architecture: kokoshniki, kileobraznye and arched columns with elegant trims single rectangular and arched openings, angled blades and Vries. The hall is covered with a hemispherical dome. Carved wooden iconostasis has Royal Gates highly artistic work of the rococo.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Orsha city GPS Google: 54.502655′ N, 30.417961′ E