Monastery of the Savior in Kobrin

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Kobrin Monastery of the Savior is a monument of Baroque architecture. Now preserved two-storey residential building with a tiled roof.

The exact date of the construction of the monastery is unknown. We only know that in 1465 Princess Juliana Kobrin with his son Ivan Semenovich of his possessions gave the Church of the Saviour Kobryn monastery mill at Shevni River (a tributary of Mukhavets River) with a pond and land and a chattel local clergy. In 1492, Princess wife of Prince Ivan Semenovich added to the monastic lands Korchitsy village, passed into the possession of the two inns, as well as part of the profit from the "all bread" and the mill on the river Kobrinka. In addition to the cult objects in the monastery housed a library with very rare volumes: The Gospel of ancient letters, bound in silver; Cyrillic printed books.

After signing Beresteiskaya Church Union in 1596, the monastery was transferred to the Uniate Church. The monastery was destroyed during the fighting and looting has been repeatedly rebuilt. In 1839, after the abolition of the union, the monastery was closed. The buildings housed a religious school. The main body of the monastery was in ruins and 20-ies of XX century, when the building was renovated by order of the Polish authorities. In the course of the remains of graves Kobrin princes and immured in the walls of the skeletons in chains were found. Kobrin powiat court is located in a renovated building.

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Republic of Belarus, Brest region., Kobrin