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The monastery of bazilian in Grodno

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Type: Monasteries Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1720 - 1751 yy Status: Republican value Grodno, ul.Gorodenskogo, 3

The complex of monastery bazilianok - a monument of baroque architecture of national importance. Includes the Church of Nativity, residential and utility building, chapel. At the monastery remains of Prechistenskaya Church XII century. Located in the historical center of Grodno. It was built in the period from 1720 to 1751. Italian architect I.Fontana the means of the Uniate Metropolitan L.Kishki in place of the burnt wooden Basilian monastery. The architecture of the monastery complex displays features of transition from baroque to classicism.

The Church of Nativity built in 1726. It is a three-nave two-towered church, the walls are decorated with pilasters, the main facade is completed with triangular pediment. It is interesting that the church is not a Russian-Byzantine cross-domed church and the cross-domed three-nave basilica, and groin-centric type of church, which underlines the aspiration of the Uniate Church to the early Christian origins. Powerful dome of the temple is placed on sredokrestii, but the other two high-rise has not traditionally been dominant, on either side of the main facade, and over the side wings of the cross, creating a composite north-south axis and neutralizing the religious and ideological confrontation between East and West.

Two-story building built out of the monastery to the church in the middle of the XVIII century, has the gallery layout. In the XIX century to its east end was attached chapel hall type.

Prechistenskaya Church remains and discovered in 1980 during restoration work on the monastery and are in front of the Church of Nativity facade. The church was built in the second half of the XII century of Byzantine plinfy on lime mixed with cement. Facades were not plastered treated with the composition of majolica tiles and polished boulders. The interior resonators, which served as resonators and at the same time facilitate the construction of buildings. In 1654, the church burned down.

So far remained the foundation of the main facade, fragments of wall height of 0.5-1 m, in the altar apse of the remnants of the pedestal-cintron for the chair of the Metropolitan. Prechistenskaya Church - a monument to the Grodno School of Architecture.

In 1839 the monastery was abolished and in 1843 became Orthodox. In the years 1977-92 the temple was located museum of atheism and religion. Since 1992, here acts Orthodox Holy Nativity of Our Lady Convent, in the same year in the monastery returned to the myrrh-streaming icon of the Vladimir Mother of God. At the monastery there is Sunday school.

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Address Grodno, ul.Gorodenskogo, 3 GPS Google: 53.677122′ N, 23.826386′ E