Stolin Сhurch of the Ascension

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Сhurch of the Ascension is located on the Gorynskaya str. in Stolin, Stolin district, Brest region, Belarus. The church was built in the early 20th century and made of wood.

Church is four-pipe, longitudinally-axial composition. The main square in terms volume and the five-sided apse are equal height and integrated multi-faceted roof and eaves common. Above the main volume rises light octagon, covered with a sloping hipped roof with cupola. The refectory (much lower) and the porch have a coherent layout of volumes. Small auxiliary rooms on the sides of the porch continued arched portals, which form the side entrances to the refectory. Above the porch rises a three-tiered belfry with a cupola, which dominates the composition. By the apse on both sides adjacent to the low symmetrical construction. Window openings have rectangular and semicircular terminations. Facades are horizontal clapboarded, decorated with carved frieze overhead. The interior of the main volume is double-height. Four round column support an octagon using a cantilever beam-sails. Above the dining room are located choirs.
The church is a monument of the eclectic architecture, combining elements of the Belarusian Polissya and Russian wooden architecture.

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Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Stolin, Gorynskaya str.