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Sapega castle in Golshany

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Type: Locks, fortresses, strengthenings Date of Foundation: 17 century Status: Republican value Grodno area, Oshmyany district, village Golshany, Sovetskaya st., road Traby - Yuratishki

The Golshany Castle - a monument of palace architecture of the first half of the XVII century, it is the prototype of the castle of the famous works of classics of Belarusian literature Vladimir Korotkevich «Black Castle Golshansky». Represented by a three-story brick building with an entrance gate and the chapel nave. Was surrounded by ramparts and bastions.

The castle was built in the first half of the XVII century as the residence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Paul Stefan Sapega - a cousin of the famous author of the Statute of 1588 Lew Sapega. Paul Stefan left no heirs, and therefore, left without a master, the castle began to pass from hand to hand.

In the historical literature of the XIX century, says that the castle was badly damaged during the Northern War in the early XVIII century. However, direct evidence for this is not. Describes the castle «Słownik geograficzny» in the second half of the XIX century: ”Half of the castle still exists in the living state, but there is no third floor, the chapel turned into a warehouse of rubbish, only in some rooms, there were traces of painting on the ceiling and a pair of long landscape over the door, and finally, a portrait of one of the marble table, and Sapieha supplement a small handful of silent witnesses of the past Sapega castle. ”

When Gorbaneva owner, who acquired the castle in 1880, part of the castle was dismantled to build a tavern. However, the castle remained inhabited until 1939. During the Soviet era brick castle built new buildings in the village. However, despite all the mishaps, the ruins have survived and got the status of architectural monument of the State of the BSSR.

The castle remained poor (Retain the remnants of walls and towers, and arched ceilings), in addition, the researchers did not have sufficient information about how the castle looked in the XVII century. Therefore, the architects who are developing projects in the reconstruction Golshanskaya Castle, rightly believe that a complete reconstruction of the building is fraught with the loss of uniqueness of the site. There is a proposal to cover the ruins of a sort of dome of glass and concrete, thus protecting the ruins of the adverse climatic conditions.

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Address Grodno area, Oshmyany district, village Golshany, Sovetskaya st., road Traby - Yuratishki GPS Google: 54.251788′ N, 26.020256′ E