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Church of Nicholas in Gomel

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Type: Churches Style: Classicism Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Gomel

Church of Nicholas in Gomel was built in the classical style in 1805. The initiator and sponsor of the construction - Count N.P. Rumyantsev, the author - English architect John Clark.
The church consists of four parts. It has symmetrical longitudinal axial composition, in the context of the main volume - square, which on one side adjoins a rectangular apse, and on the other - the porch of a three-tiered tower-belfry, which had a canopied. The main entrance is decorated with two-column portico, completed by a triangular pediment. Inner space has cube volume.
From 1999 to 2005, was conducted the restoration of St. Nicholas Church. Now in the church are held worships.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel GPS Google: 52.450759′ N, 31.035023′ E