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Monument to David-Gorodenskomu

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Type: Monuments Status: Regional value The Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Grodno

David Grodno (Gorodensky) (1283 - 1326) - military leader and statesman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

David served as manager of Hrodna Old Castle in Grodno and married the daughter of Duke Gediminas Birute. Was high (2 meters), athletic and fearless in battle. In 1305 crashed near Grodno, a large group of crusaders Commandant Conrad Liztenhagena Brandenburg provincial commander. A year later led a successful defense of the castle of Grodno. In 1314 defeated the Crusaders besieged Novogrudok, destroyed all their baggage and horses, and in 1500 captured the entire military ammunition. In 1318 he headed the campaign against Prussia ... In 1326 with 1200 horsemen, among whom were Poles, made a successful raid on the Brandenburg, Frankfurt an der Oder, during this campaign, bribed by the Germans killed the Polish betrayed David. David Gorodensky buried in the walls of the Monastery of Sts in Grodno.

In Grodno there are two monuments to David David Grodno (Gorodensky).

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Address The Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Grodno GPS Google: 53.67909′ N, 23.818349′ E