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Type: Palaces Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 17 century Status: Included or offered for inclusion in the list of a world heritage of UNESCO Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh

Nesvizh palace and park complex - an architectural monument of XVI-XVII centuries, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Building wooden palace in the Nesvizh started in 1533, when the city came into possession Jan Radziwill (city went to him as dowry after the marriage to Anne Kishka). It is surrounded by an earthen rampart, and the city on a steep hillside built castle. Nesvizh castle, founded on a peninsula on the right bank of the river, and Usha surrounded by artificial dams were actually island. From the peninsula has been deepened bottom, and strode down the earth in place of the future of the castle. Water came here to-channel. On the left, on the north side, the isthmus peninsula - there is in those times were swampy marshes which are covered approaches to the castle. Thus, the castle stood on the artificial island and became impregnable fortress, get the guns that the time could not. Son Ian Nicholas Radziwill Black ruined wooden castle, and the site of the ancient fort built a fortified stone. Follow grand restructuring took place with Nicholas Christopher Radziwill Sirotka in 1583. Castle was built Nesvizh by the Italian architect Giovanni Bernardoni, which is built not just a castle, and almost a palace, consisting of 12 rooms, kuntskamery and libraries.

Castle had a rectangular-shaped area 170x120 meters of land was surrounded by a rampart with bastions at the corners, a water moat (which form the inner ring), a fairly wide road and artificial reservoirs. For the protection and defense facilities shaft height and 20 feet reinforced with stones, it equipped the stone stables and left the back doors, placed in the bastions of the arsenals and the chambers, and eventually built the bastions at the corners of four defense towers. The castle has worked in Belarus first casting gun shop - lyudvisarnya.

Nesvizhskaya fortress bravely withstood numerous sieges. For the first time in the Nesvizh castle was taken and destroyed by the troops of Karl XII in 1706 By 1726 Radziwill restore a damaged lock and further strengthened it, but it works on its reorganization and expansion were carried out throughout the XVIII century. Prior to the 90s XVIII century master Nesvizh castle was Karol Stanislaw Radziwill. It was during his castle-fortress finally turned into a palace and castle ensemble. Decorated in a Baroque palace just amazed by its magnificence. The main element of the front lobby was trehmarshevaya broad staircase, decorated with murals on the theme of military triumphs (among Radziwill had many famous hetman). From the entrance hall to the opposite sides differed halls and galleries. Some rooms have their own names: Royal, Hetman, gold, marble, Guns, Hunting, - and everyone - a unique decoration. The walls and arches were decorated with stucco garlands, gilt cornices, carved oak panels, frames with beautiful silk, linen and leather accents, the fabulously expensive dutch tiles. Paul was a mosaic of inlaid oak parquet. The rooms were fireplaces, multi-colored tile or white porcelain kiln. The collection of portraits of famous and unknown hand artists in the gallery Nesvizh had about a thousand paintings. The walls looked a person of Russian tsars, Polish and Lithuanian kings, politicians, themselves Radziwill. In the hall with faience busts of ancient philosophers placed a magnificent library of up to 20 thousand volumes, rare manuscripts and publications, domestic and foreign chronicles, most of the State Archives of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: historical instruments of ratification at the Old Belarusian language, letters, including Peter I , Louis XV, Louis XVI, Karl XII, Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Were in the library hall of the maps, terrestrial and celestial globes, navigational devices. In the Armory Hall - an arsenal of knightly armor, marshal”s baton, the samples of Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and European weapons. Luxurious furniture of precious wood, wax figures of historical figures, stuffed animals and exotic fish. In the castle the collections of coins, works of decorative art, including china, glassware and crystal, zolototkanye Slutsk belts, tapestries - produce not only the numerous factories that are owned by Radziwill, but the best factories in Europe and the Orient.

The last representative of the genus Nesvizh line Dominique Radziwill in the 1812 war on the side of Napoleon, after the defeat which was forced to flee to France. Decree of Alexander I Nesvizh castle was handed over to new owners - also Radzivills, but on the other line. And in the last quarter of XIX-early XX centuries through the efforts of Princess Maria de Castellan - wife of the penultimate Nesvizh ordinate Anthony Radziwill - the palace of the system was supplemented landscaped parks. They were laid on both sides of the Castle and Wild Pond (Old Parks, Japanese, and Castle - on the right bank, and the New, English - on the left).

Last eminent owners left the castle in 1939, when started the accession of the Western Belarus to USSR. In its history, a period of desolation. Decorative items, tableware, vintage costumes, which the owners do not taken abroad with him, gave to the theater as props. Much has been just looted. During World War II in occupied castle was a military hospital for the pilots, and from 1945 - health reasort ”Nesvizh” In the late 1990s it left the castle and a spa for some time stood in ruins. In 2000, the Nesvizh castle was a chance for new life - began its restoration.

have Nesvizh castle there is a own ghost - Black Panna Barbara Radziwill, a victim of passionate love and palace intrigue. According to legend, it appears to warn of impending danger. So she was seen the night before the fire in 2002 was.

Today Nesvizh Castle has more than 30 showrooms.

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09:00 02-January-2021 (Saturday) Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace
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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh GPS Google: 53.222936′ N, 26.691733′ E