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Vitebsk Church of the Resurrection

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Type: Churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1772 - 2009 yy Status: Republican value Vitebsk

Church of Resurrection - an architectural monument of Vilnius Baroque. It was built in 1772 year on the site of wooden church by Vitebsk merchant uniats Nicholas Smyk . Because the city had two churches in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, this church was named Resurrection Rynkovaya. Among the 16 Uniate parish churches that existed in the late eighteenth century, in Vitebsk, it was the main place and had the status of the cathedral.

In 1834 year the church was taken over by the Russian clergy and has been reconstructed according to the Orthodox canons. But despite this remained one of the principal ornaments of the historical city center. The church was blown up in 1936 year, during the struggle of Soviet power with religion.

In 2005-09 years Church at the expense of the Orthodox community was restored to its original appearance, based on the preserved part of the foundation and walls.

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Address Vitebsk GPS Google: 55.195075′ N, 30.205658′ E