Suvorov monument

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Alexander Suvorov - outstanding commander, Generalissimo (1799), Earl Rymniksky (1789), Prince Italica (1799). He participated in the first Russian-Turkish war and the suppression of the revolt Pugachev. During the second Russian-Turkish war is the rank of general, he scored brilliant victories at Kinburn in 1787 and under Ochakov in 1788, which utterly breaks the Turkish army. During Bessarabia campaign, he took by storm the fortress of the strongest Ismai. In 1794 he was sent to suppress the Polish uprising. Defeating Kosciusko with Matsievits and destroyed the population of Prague, he accepts the surrender of Warsaw 24 October (November 3). Being a favorite commander Catherine II, he falls out of favor after the accession to the throne Paul I, but in 1799 he was again called into service and sent to Italy, where he scored several victories in less than five months of expelling the French from northern Italy. Breaking through the Alps to the aid of Rimsky-Korsakov, barely restraining the onslaught of Massena near Zurich, he arrives too late to retreat. Soon it together with the Russian army withdraw to the Russia, where he died May 18, 1800.

A. Suvorov Monument in the full-length set in the 1964 Rookie of the Soviet and Pushkin streets. Sculptor - Chebotarev V. S. The monument stands on a high pedestal tetrahedral , Suvorov turned face to the west, one hand leaning on his sword, the other pointing forward. On the pedestal of the tablet with the inscription: ”A. Suvorov. 1730-1800 ».

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Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin, Covetskaya and Pushkinskaya street