Palace of culture of railwaymen

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Palace of railwaymen them. Lenin - a monument of architecture of Constructivism. It was built in 1930 by architect A. Kirillov. It consists of 3 clearly identified by their functional volumes: theater and concert hall with ancillary facilities, and the club of the theater. The main entrance is highlighted classic portico, pediment completed. The interior in blue and white, with a colonnade side galleries. Entrance to the 3-storey corner of the volume of the club flanked by Ionic columns, the internal layout of the corridor. There is library on the 1st floor a on the 2nd and 3rd - administrative-utility rooms and rooms for study groups work.

The building partially destroyed during World War II. Restored in 1950 (arch. J. Pestryakov), change the appearance of facades and main entrance, part of the internal layout.

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Republic of Belarus, Gomel, pl. pryvokzalnaya, 4