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Peter and Paul (Catherine) Church in Minsk

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Type: Churches Style: Renaissance Date of Foundation: 1612 - 1613 yy Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Rakovskaya, 4

Peter and Paul Church - a monument of architecture with elements of the Renaissance. Built in the early XVII century. In the late XVIII century the church was rebuilt and renamed Ekaterina. The temple is a stone three-nave basilica with an apse and two five-sided towers. Church - the oldest surviving religious buildings in the city.

This building is not only an architectural monument of the XVII century. It is one of the oldest buildings in Minsk, surviving. The people the church was called the «yellow» color of the walls. Related events are of interest not only for historians and architects, but for all residents of Minsk, as well as visitors. Once it had been buried the townspeople, who were probably the ancestors of any of us. Name and surname of one of the women buried here mate. Operation is known in the course of the restoration work carried out in 70 years of the twentieth century. In the wall of the temple on the west facade of razabrats under shestidesyatisantimetrovym influx of masonry was discovered the site of the original wall with walled it with stone. On the stone the inscription in the Cyrillic alphabet, from which we learn that here was buried in 1625 year in Minsk resident Yarotskaya Maria Ivanovna. She lived for 39 years and was buried ”in the Church of Saints Peter and Apostolovo Pavlysh.”

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Rakovskaya, 4 GPS Google: 53.904714′ N, 27.551741′ E