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Church of St. Anthony in Gubino

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Type: Katolik churches Date of Foundation: 1714 year Status: Regional value Gubino, Vitebsk region

The ruins of the church in the village Gubino - a monument of Baroque architecture, built in 1714 in the complex of the Franciscan monastery. Temple built of red brick in the shape of a cross. The interior was decorated 3 altar, carved the Blessed Virgin Mary and the side of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy.

The last service in the church was held in 1929. For a long time the building was closed, then took off his cross, made the club, held meetings and dances. The In 1942 the temple was turned into a barn.

In the postwar years by order of the chairman of the local church was destroyed tank-tractor and Solid red brick walls of the temple was used for construction site.

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Photo - Church of St. Anthony in Gubino

Location map - Church of St. Anthony in Gubino

Address Gubino, Vitebsk region GPS Google: 55.041865′ N, 28.954253′ E