Knyazhayа hill

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Lyahchitsy south of the village on the hill in picturesque forest tract located Knyazhayа hill. According to local legend, the tract is the tomb of Princess Olga (not Kiev):

«That was long ago. Princess Olga was held here. She was ours, Russian... Once killed her husband, Vladimir, Olga, and went to war with the enemy... Olga won cunning enemies, forge horseshoes on the horses hooves on the contrary. But for Dyvinom was fast, and from there the soldiers caught up with her. While our mountain above the marshes stood forest it was not. There the princess and stopped. At the time, the enemy troops advancing from the south, from Novoselki. On the mountain and found Olga's death ... There she was buried. The tomb was almost at the top. Since then, the mountain and the mountain is called Knyazhev or princess. Has long stood at the grave of a simple wooden cross, but I guess it was taken down by the Bolsheviks...»

The legend associated with specific historical facts. In 1287 Galicia-Volyn princes went to war against Poland. Vladimir-Volyn Prince Vladimir Vasylkovych, very sick, he sent in his place the governor, and he remained in Kamenets. Really suffering from his wounds (he was rotting lower jaw), he said Mstislav Danilovich Lutsk that appoints his successor. After hiking Mstislav was called to sign the documents. Separate charter was written, in which the wife of Vladimir Olga Romanovna was bequeathed to the city and the village Kobrin Gorodets. Besides Prince forced the successor to kiss the cross, that he will not give up adopted daughter Izyaslav married against her will, but only as Olga wants.

December 10, 1288 Vladimir Vasylkovych died. Olga Romanova at the funeral of her husband was with her sister and Izyaslav husband nun Helen. Last time in Ipatiev Chronicle Olga mentioned in March 1289 years.

Knyazhayа hill has had a great influence on the development of the village and the surrounding counties Lyahchicy. In Lyahchicy very common female name Olga. In the Church of Intercession Habovichi village, in the parish which included Lyahchicy, kept a record of events related to the natural boundary, and on 24 July at «Olga feast» is celebrated temple festival.

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Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin district, South of the Lyahchiсy village