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Kolozhskaya (Borisoglebskaya ) Church

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Type: Churches Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Included or offered for inclusion in the list of a world heritage of UNESCO Republic of Belarus, Grodno, st.Rybatskaya, 6/1

Borisoglebskaya (Kolozhskaya) Church in Grodno located on the high bank of the Neman River. Together with the complex of monuments Castle Hill declared a historical and architectural reserve.

Temples of Grodno school of architecture for planning were a very traditional three-apse cross-domed church. They were built of plinfy with a clutch of granite boulders. The outer walls of the church Kalozha (and presumed lower and Prechistenskaya too) decorated with colored majolica tiles, laid out in the form of a cross. Paul Temple and was made of colorful majolica plates. In the wall, to facilitate the construction and improvement of acoustics, build in the empty jugs - resonators, which were the necks of the inner surface of the walls, making it impossible to painting murals (as adopted). Church is not plastered on the outside.

After the Brest Cathedral in 1596 when church created Kalozha Basilian (Uniate) Monastery. And then the church becomes a victim of nature. By 1720 the undermining of a high hill on which stands Kolozha, Neman has led to the slope of the building. On the night of 1 to April 2, 1853, and the southern part of the wester

n wall collapsed into the river. Another crash occurred in 1889.

In 1897th beach strengthened, in place of the lost set of walls made of wood.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Grodno, st.Rybatskaya, 6/1 GPS Google: 53.678523′ N, 23.818485′ E