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Memorial on site the concentration camp Masyukovschina

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Type: Memorial complex Style: Rococo Date of Foundation: 1949 year Status: Without a category Minsk, Minsk region

Memorial installed in place of one of the largest in the USSR Nazi concentration camps in the village Masyukovschina - "Stalag-352."

The camp was established in July 1941 as the first concentration camp for prisoners of war and took about 16 hectares. During the three years of the war, more than 70 thousand people were killed here. Stalag -352 placed near Minsk Masjukovshina the village, on the site of the former dislocation cavalry regiment of the Red Army, where at the moment is a military town. Tens of thousands of prisoners eked out a miserable existence in a small area in wooden barracks and the former stables. There was beaten and shot for any fault. Prisoners in the camp were placed on a national basis. There were barracks Russian, Ukrainians, Jews and immigrants from Central Asia. Those who fell into captivity without documents, held separately. Periodically shot for 1 - 2 thousand people near the camps in the village cemetery, along roads, ditches, ravines. Most terrible events took place in the camp of the winter of 1941. After the retreat of the Red Army here a large number of prisoners fell. From intolerable conditions were dying every day for 200 - 300 people. The dead and the victims were unable to bury ...

In 1949, a temporary monument was erected on the site of a concentration camp. In 1956 it was replaced by a new one. In the 1960s, around the memorial landscaped green area. Every person who comes here with trepidation in the heart of reading lines, crowning the memorial:"Contemporaries i descendants! Bow our heads, here are sleeping the eternal sleep those who have not knelt before the enemy ".

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Photo - Memorial on site the concentration camp Masyukovschina

Location map - Memorial on site the concentration camp Masyukovschina

Address Minsk, Minsk region GPS Google: 53.930624′ N, 27.480551′ E