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«Nanosi-Novoselye» Agro-tourist complex

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Type: , Rural farmsteads, Objects of culture, Sports-entertaining objects Status: Regional value Minsk region, Miadzieł district, village Nanosi

Agro-tourist complex «Nanosi-Novoselye» is located in the village Nanosi of Myadel region, in the territory adjacent to the monument of nature - Lake Narach. Nanosi-Novoselye is a complex consisting of several parts:

  • Central Square;
  • Stable Block;
  • Observation Tower;
  • Water Mill;
  • Pearce;
  • Museum of Samovars and Coins;
  • Lyahovichskij Mlyn;
  • Trophy House;
  • Meshchanskiy House;
  • Community House.

Central Square is the reduction of retail space, typical of small villages in Belarus XIX century, where two rows of benches with tables for the display of goods, that is what used to be called «shop» form a a trading number, typical markets of the past. Here the locals gladly sell fruits and vegetables, milk and eggs, cheese and bread, smoked fish and game - the meat of deer and wild boar, as well as author alcoholic beverages. Everything is fresh and natural. In the days of fair trade, you can buy not only products, but things made with old technology. What can give a better idea of the past than clay, metal, textiles, made by the very same technology that was used centuries ago?

Stable Block is an equestrian center, the exterior of which is made in the traditional style of the XIX century, the walls of stalls made of red brick, wrought-iron lattice ornaments, ceiling beams produced by the old technology. Even grandstand surrounding the manege exactly mimic those that were built in the old days. Here you will learn not only how to hold a horse and ride, but also help to learn the basics of horse business, teach how to properly care for the horses, feed them and harness for horse riding, as well as for trips to the chaise. In the stands of the manege will surprise horse show.

Observation Tower is located a short distance from the main buildings of the complex. Observation platform built in the form of a windmill. Height alone mill is more than twelve meters. From the top are perfectly visible and all the neighborhood, and the two shores of Lake Naroch, can be seen all the territory of the peninsula Nanosi, in which is located the complex. On the first floor of the mill located Museum of moonshine, which here more than fifty, from huge to tiny, from the most simple to the incredibly complex structures.

Water Mill Water Mill stands on the shore of a picturesque pond with waterfowl, with upset ornamental plants. The diameter of the wheel, on which falls about 70 liters of water per second is as much as 4 feet. Millstones of mills still grind grain into flour. On the first floor of the mill is a bakery where you can after instruction themselves to bake bread. On the second floor of the watermill is the Museum of Bread. Then there's exposure under the awning, where you will find tools that our ancestors plowed land, cleaned rye and grind grain, and see what it looks like sprouted grains like rye germ looks, her shock and stack. Here you can see and try to grind grain hand-stones. From the second floor you will see how the grain miller falls asleep in the water mill millstones. By the way, here brings and takes grain flour is not a truck, and donkey harnessed to bullock cart.

Museum of Samovars collected the largest collection of samovars in Belarus: from tiny to huge, from copper to gold. Many of the exhibits - samovars «medals from», awarded prizes to the special exhibition held in Russia and abroad in the nineteenth century. The museum is dedicated not only to the samovar. The museum is dedicated to the ceremony of tea drinking in different countries. Visit it, you will learn a lot not only about domestic traditions, but also the traditions of tea drinking in the Arab world, in Japan, and even in ancient Egypt. Here you can also buy a samovar and fun to drink tea out of it.

In The Museum of Coins there is Belarusian exposition of rare coins: pre-revolutionary times, the times of the Soviet Union, almost modern, and those that have not even started to turn. Some unique coins were found during the construction of the complex, they are also stored in the museum.

Lyahovichskij Mlyn is a windmill, built in 1876. Its mechanism was acquired in Ljahovichsky district. Before the mill got into complex, it is milled flour from the end of XIX until the last decade of the XX century. Visiting Lyahovichskij Mlyn, you get an idea of how a windmill was constructed in the XIX century. Too heavy seemingly millstones driven by not strong wind! And now, flour, and asks in a baker's hands to just a couple of hours to become a fragrant and crispy loaf.

Meshchanskiy and Community Houses form the guest area in the form of a landscaped area with a cozy wooden houses, where there is a possibility for a few days to forget about city life and take a break from everyday life.

In the «Nanosi-Novoselye» In the «sediment» You can climb to the first cry of the cock, kindle Russian oven and cook food in it, collect vegetables from the garden, care for chickens in your own chicken coop, cook mead making sausage, fish and smoke fish, milk the cow, beat the butter, cook cheese and curd. You can discover the wonderful natural landscape and communicate with animals, enjoy the forest and lake trophy. Living in the Nanosi You will enjoy the simple and interesting everyday affairs and concerns.

Meshchanskiy House house is a two storey dwelling reconstruction of the XIX century. It combines elements of authentic architecture and modern technology. First floor - is stone, second floor - is built of timber frame. All wooden elements of the house are decorated with handmade, intricate carvings. Also burgher house with an oven. Externally, it looks as if it was made of wood, covered with artistic thematic thread. Relax after a pleasant chores and outdoor activities can be a dry sauna with a font. In burgher house has four bedrooms (two for children, two for adults, each with a balcony) and two bathrooms. For every house is secured hostess with knowledge of English. She will cook and tidy up the house.

Community House Community home designed as a romantic reconstruction of dwelling of XIX century and represents the average house landlord last century. The main place in the community house devoted to the furnace, which is not just decoration: in it you will be able to cook, it must be good to heat in the winter. If your woodsheds finished wood, then you will have to cut them yourself. Community House is designed specifically for comfortable placement of the family, there is a bedroom and children's room, as well as carved cradle for the baby. Each house has a chicken coop with pedigreed birds, where you can collect the eggs and cook them. After a hard day spent in outdoor activities, you can relax in a dry sauna with a font. Each house is equipped with a comfortable shower and toilet. For every house is also enshrined hostess - a girl with a knowledge of the English language, which will teach you to handle the oven and cook in it.

In addition, the complex has a possibility to have an active rest, going on bike ride or visit the park of quads for travel on various routes. You can also arrange a boat trip in canoe with one or two overnight stays (with a guide), jet skiing, motor boat, sailing boat or yacht. Car lovers will impress skating on cars of the Soviet period, which are stored in their original condition. In the winter time you are waiting for skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating instructor and with elements of extreme.

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Address Minsk region, Miadzieł district, village Nanosi GPS Google: 54.861611′ N, 26.711610′ E