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Svyatsky Vollovichey palace

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Type: Parks, squares, Palaces Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1779 - 1810 yy Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Grodno district, Svjatsk

Svyatsk is a small village near Grodno, located about 8 km away from the August Canal. A beautiful architectural monument of the XVIII century has been preserved here till nowadays. It is the palace and park ensemble that was built by the order of the Vallovichis - a noble magnate family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The palace was built by Giuseppe Sacco in 1779. He was an Italian architect who had been working for a long time in Warsaw. The central part of the palace was built according to his project. It followed the traditions of the baroque style. However there was some influence of classicism. At the beginning of the XIX century the side wings and galleries-colonnades that connected all the buildings in a single complex were added to the central building. The floor layout followed the architectural fashion of the second half of the XVIII - early XIX centuries. On the right side there was a front lobby with a wide staircase that was connected with the side chambers by corridors. The main hall with columns was located on the second floor. There were not any living rooms. There were an English park, a garden and a forest with elms, pines, maples around the castle. There were also created ponds, greenhouses and an apiary. In the XVIII-XIX centuries the residence of the Vollovichis in Svyatsk was surrounded by ditches filled with water. They partially have been preserved till nowadays.

The fate of the palace and park ensemble was not easy. At the end of the XIХ century magnate Vollovich lost his family estate playing the pool. Later the castle was taken over by the state for the debts. Then it was partially reconstructed in the 30th years of the XХ century. It was turned into a medical clinic. Today you can see preserved fireplaces, door frames and partially modeling.

Now the architectural ensemble of the XVIII century is being reconstructed. It is considered that soon a restaurant-hotel complex with a picturesque park will appear in Svyatsk.

Opposite the palace there is a chapel in the Gothic Revival style.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Grodno district, Svjatsk GPS Google: 53.797326′ N, 23.661181′ E