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Type: Industrial buildings Date of Foundation: 1948 year Status: Factories and plants Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Zhodino, street 40 years of October

BELAZ was established in 1948 under the Law on the five-year plan to restore the economy of the BSSR in Zhodino. In May 1950, was released the first products of the plant: containers for transportation of peat, agitators for its drying, et al., And in November 1951 the plant peat Engineering was renamed the plant reclamation and road machines "Dormash", which produced snow blowers, watering and nekorotornye machines, hedge trimmers and other equipment.

April 17, 1958, the company was named «Belarusian Autoworks». The first dump truck MAZ – 525 descended from the conveyor of the Belarusian Automobile Plant by November 7, 1958. It developed by designers of the Minsk Automobile Plant. In just under a year we have created a fundamentally new dump truck carrying capacity 27 tons BELAZ – 540 at the Belarusian Automobile Plant, the prototype of which was released in September 1961.

The company made the transition to serial production of 27 -ton dump truck BELAZ – 540 in 1965 without a stop producing operations that dump truck was the progenitor of a whole family of heavy-duty trucks. Since 1967, the company has mastered the production of 40- ton dump trucks BELAZ - 548A, designed for the greatest possible unification of the basic units and parts of the two cars.

New innovative solution allows to further improve the components and systems of all duty truck classes, introduce new components and materials, step by step to upgrade trucks with the creation of new versions based on the use of diesel engines, transmissions and tires production of various firms.

Lineup trucks manufactured by the Belarusian Automobile Plant, in 1994, expanded new-generation machine - 55 -ton dump truck BELAZ - 7555, which is not only organically incorporates all the advantages of traditional technology of BELAZ, but also gained new qualities that differentiate it from its predecessors.

Tests of the new truck in difficult mining conditions have confirmed the correctness of technical solutions and high performance of the new machine. In 1996, the company started to produce another promising model - truck BELAZ - 75131 with carrying capacity of 130 tons.

All in all, the history of the Belarusian Automobile Company has developed more than 600 modifications of dump trucks with capacity from 27 to 360 tons, it produced more than 130 million units of dump trucks, which in the history of the company were sent to more than 70 countries.

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Date Tour Adults / children
10:00 19-December (Saturday) BELAZ - brand of Belarus
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12:00 25-December (Friday) BELAZ - brand of Belarus
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10:00 02-January-2021 (Saturday) BELAZ - brand of Belarus
1'452 / 1'290
13:00 04-January-2021 (Monday) BELAZ - brand of Belarus
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10:00 06-January-2021 (Wednesday) BELAZ - brand of Belarus
1'452 / 1'290

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Zhodino, street 40 years of October GPS Google: 54.097606′ N, 28.317330′ E