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Type: Sports-entertaining objects, Rural farmsteads, Objects of culture Date of Foundation: 19 century Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Stolbtsovsky district, Litvensky rural council, village Sula 14

Pansky maentak «Sula» located in the small village of Sula Stolbtsy district, Minsk region. Around the complex extends three hundred year old park with beautiful plants that were once brought from distant countries, picturesque pond with stone-paved paths and benches forged. In the park there is the opportunity to visit the Royal Assembly, ancient chapel, amazing cromlechs, stables with indoor arena and take a walk or riding in a phaeton. Flying in a helicopter, you can enjoy wonderful views of architecture: castles, palaces, museums, churches bird's-eye view, make unusual photos on the memory.

Royal Assembly is a magnificent building, built of hewn quarry stone, topped by a tower with the town clock, exactly batters each hour melodic overflow and fight that carry far across the county. Behind the glass doors of the Assembly Hall is located knightly glory with its collection of paintings and tapestries, lit by torches, medieval chandeliers and handmade truly king sized fireplace, giving special comfort and charm of the magnificent ceremonial hall can accommodate up to two hundred guests.

By visiting stables and meet its wonderful inhabitants - Lysimachus, Maroussia, Hussar, Tsevita, Karina et al., You get a lot of unforgettable experiences. Here you can not only look at the noble animals, but also horse riding. Experienced and friendly instructors will find you a horse on height, weight, fitness, manners, teach proper planting, management principles horse while riding. For the little ones prepared an exciting trip to the phaeton, and skating in the hands of the instructor. For lovers of romance camp organized horse trips (one or more days), during which you will be able to experience the atmosphere of the past centuries and feel like musketeers, brave riders or nomads, enjoy the amazing beauty of nature.

Ancient chapel, made in the form of an ancient temple rotunda, located on top of the man-made pyramid 30-meter hill. Once in the center of the rotunda was installed altar surmounted by a crucifix. The dome and the walls of the church were decorated with marvelous frescoes, painted a talented master's hand intricate patterns in the heavenly tones. However, time has done its job. Collapsed leaky roof, floor collapsed, and after years of only preserved colonnade and rotunda lonely stands proudly at the top of the pyramid, now visible only from the air. If not wanting to give up these old ruins and stubbornly reproachfully remind us of the greatness of the past centuries, forcing each of us to think about the lost memory of our departed ancestors into oblivion. After a walk through the park of homestead dating to the chapel is worth visiting a museum where artifacts are stored associated with these places.

Cromlechs located on the territory of the Pansky maentak Sula, it is the oldest in the history of mankind manmade megalithic structures, which are groups of treated or untreated oblong stones (menhirs), set vertically into the ground in compliance with certain laws and form concentric circles with established inside the dolmen. The creation of such structures are usually subsidized by the Stone Age (3-5 million years ago), and possibly epochs earlier period, unknown to mankind. Cromlech «All-Star Gate» consists of 12 equally distant around the circumference of menhirs with a diametrical distance of 12 meters from each other. Natural number 12 (dozen) is closely related to science, culture, religion and history of mankind (12 constellations of the zodiac, 12 months, 12 hours, 12 Gods of Sumer, Babylon, Olympus, Odin, 12 parts of the temple of Solomon, 12 Apostles, etc.). The stones symbolize the constellation of the Zodiac, and lies at the center of the circle stone slab (dolmen) represents the center of our galaxy and the whole universe. The ancient people there was a belief that the place where the «Earth is connected with Heaven» and grant healing of ailments, a rewarder of questioning and suffering, as well as a kind of talisman and place.

Armoury Forge of Pansky maentak Sula is designed to provide information about the glorious history of our land of chivalry. Together with a workshop on stone splitting and the reconstructed watchtower XII - XII centuries Smithy allows to plunge into the Middle Ages, with their own hands to touch the living memory, become a member of the real action. Each of the guests of the complex can take part in the forging of the arrowhead, created by the old original technology.

ospitably open its doors to you and be pleasantly surprised by its interior ethnic restaurants «Vyasely Pan». Author's forged furniture, paintings on the walls of jousting, chandeliers and torches create handmade medieval atmosphere of the restaurant. A special feature of the restaurant is that almost all of its products for the kitchen are grown here in the farm. The talented chef will treat you to a fabulous meal cuisine peoples who once inhabited the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, recreated according to old recipes found in the archives of Minsk and Vilnius.

You will want to stay here for the night, because the territory of the manor and park complex offers a truly fantastic opportunities for the realization of your dream of a perfect holiday. The complex consists of three separate buildings: Boutique Hotel, house of manage of estate – «House of Economy» and VIP house-outbuilding. Design of Boutique Hotel creates a unique atmosphere that you can travel back in time. Facade and interior of the «House of Economy» And not far from the small pond you can find a sauna on the wood with SPA procedures. Design of Interior of VIP house-wing uniquely combines the brutality of medieval castle and romantic decoration of the noble estates.

By visiting Manor you will feel that the amazing aura of past centuries still lives in every corner of the Pansky maentak «Sula».

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Stolbtsovsky district, Litvensky rural council, village Sula 14 GPS Google: 53.742139′ N, 26.874742′ E