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Open-air museum «Belarusian ethnographic Village of XIX century» - is a cultural and entertainment complex, which is located in two kilometers from the city of Mogilev on the Bobruisk road in front of the memorial «Buinichi field». The complex is located on a very beautiful landscaped grounds with exquisite designs, paved paths, exotic trees and flowers.

Masters City provides visitors with an opportunity to familiarize with the lifestyle of the Belarusian craftsmen XIX century and includes a house and workshop baker, potter, carpenter, blacksmith, master of embroidery and weaving straw (vines). You'll see how in the old days used to bake bread, cakes, loaves, freshly baked pastries on forgotten grandmother's recipes. Thus, you can not only watch the manufacturing process, but also to buy products for masters.

On the territory of ethnovillage installed a windmill, stone composition, fountains, and for younger guests there are children's entertainment area. The summer cafe «Tavern» offers national Belarusian cuisine.

The entire complex includes two restaurants, a conference room, children's cafe, hotel of European level. On the whole complex is designed for 124 seats.

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