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Type: Archaeological monuments, Cemeteries, burial places, chapels Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Minsk, avenue of the newspaper Zvyazda

This barrow - one of the oldest barrow in Belarus. Barrow has a height of four meters with a diameter of twenty meters of the embankment. He was once located on the dominant height of the surrounding area and the previously well-viewed from all sides. Now he is surrounded by residential houses. He left in its original form as a vivid monument to antiquity. At the beginning of the XX century there were several hundred burial mounds.

The mounds of the population of calls in different ways. In Vitebsk region to date can be heard locally called mounds «volotovki». It is connected with the ancient notion that if people are buried in the mounds of huge stature and strength - ”voloty” - heroes. In Gomel region mounds called «kapcy». But their most common name in Belarus, ”French” or ”Swedish graves”. In fact, the mounds have no relation to the Swedes, Frenchmen or other foreigners. This disposal of the Slavs, the memory of our distant ancestors, who lived here, worked, fought many centuries ago.

Mounds are one, two, but most is in the cemeteries, where they are, there are dozens or even hundreds.

The people of those ancient times believed that after death he needs all of what he enjoyed during his lifetime. Soldier laid in the grave weapon craftsman - an ax, molds or finished products, the woman - needles, jewelry, pots. Believed that the next world they would need a variety of tools, utensils, even the food in pots.

For some of these things and has been identified by scientists, archeologists, and the boundary between Kriviches and Dregovichi in Belarus.

This is a single mound, believed to be poured at a time when the Belarusian land has come to Christianity. The Church forbade pagan rite persistently dumping is not allowed to put things into the grave, pour it over the mound. Despite this, the population, especially in the villages during the XI - XIII centuries continued to bury the dead under barrows.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, avenue of the newspaper Zvyazda GPS Google: 53.860823′ N, 27.462484′ E