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Type: Town hall and shopping arcades Date of Foundation: 2007 - 2008 yy Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, Lenin str., 1A

The first wooden Mogilev City Hall was built in 1578, a year after receiving by Mogilev Magdeburg Law. It stood at the beginning of the Vetrenaya street  (Lenin). The decision to build brick City Hall was took in 1668. In 1679 - 1681 years under the direction of master Fesko two-story City Hall was built . In 1682 - 1686 years artel of master Kruzberg from Bykhov erected stone "Tower" height of 26 m. But on the 1st of September 1686 tower crumbled. The new tower which stood until 1957, master Ignat with a team began to build in 1692. It  became one of the main vertical dominants of city. 5-tier eight-sided tower ended with a faceted dome and spire, had a balcony with a metal grille, a large clock.

In time in 1915 - 1918 years General Headquarters was be in Mogilev its radio was in the City Hall. The tower serves as a support for the antenna. In August, 3 in 1926 Mogilev City Hall has been taken under the protection of the state and declared state property. Before the revolution, and in the pre-war years, theCity Hall was a fire lookout.

During the war the City Hall badly damaged, but not full destroyed. In July 1957 one night in Mogilev two sites architecture of XVII-th century - City Hall and Assumption Church were simultaneously bombed.

The new history of the City Hall began in August 2007, when 15 years after the foundation of the 1st stone still decided to proceed to the active revival of one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Mogilev. As a result of hard and truly creative work builders and decorators has been fully restored of City Hall to the historic site's drawings XVII by 3 July 2008. A unique component of recovery are Mogilev City Hall clock tower , author and designer of it Gennady Golovchik .

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Address Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, Lenin str., 1A GPS Google: 53.894467′ N, 30.331861′ E