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Kirov Bridge

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Type: Hydraulic engineering constructions Date of Foundation: 1955 year Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk

Kirov Bridge - bridge in the center of the city across the river Western Dvina. Connects the Kirov street (right bank) and the Castle Street (left). The length of the bridge - 236 meters. It offers a panorama of the old city, hovering over the Vitebsk so often portrayed in the paintings of Chagall”s old town hall. Below merge two great rivers: Vitba and Western Dvina.
Before World War II in its place was the Dvina bridge, which at the time the fighting was partially destroyed and not rebuilt after the war.
The new Kirov bridge has been put into effect in 1955 year.
Kirov bridge with three arches of the hingeless reinforced concrete. On the bridge, provided the roadway to 4 lanes and two sidewalks on either side of the roadway.
At the beginning of the bridge on the right bank, are two decorative columns with lanterns. There”s also built stairs from waterfront to the bridge. On the left bank arranged two decorative tables. The bridge is illuminated stylized ”antique” lanterns.
In 2010 year, the bridge is installed decorative lighting.

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Location map - Kirov Bridge

Address Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk GPS Google: 55.193372′ N, 30.199485′ E