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Ilyinskaya Church in Gomel

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Type: Churches, Wooden architecture Date of Foundation: 1737 - 1774 yy Status: Republican value Komissarova str. 44, Gomel

Ilyinskaya Church is a functioning Old Belief church that is located in Gomel behind the park palace, on the place where the river Sozh goes downstream. It is a good example of traditional Belarusian wooden architecture of the XVIII century. The church has three log cabins with a dome and a double-deck belfry.

Until 1737 year Saviour Old Belief church was located on the place where today you can find Ilyinskaya Church. But it was slowly destroying year after year and later it was taken down. It was replaced by Prophet Illia temple. On 28th September, 1794 the ceremony of consecration of Old Belief Church on the River Sozh was carried out by priests.

In the first half of the XIX century there were mixed, male and female skits - solitary hermitages of old belivers in Ilyinskaya Church. But the church was closed in 1850. Two years later the temple started functioning again. In 1853 a Common Faith parish was formed in Ilyinskaya Church, but soon the temple became Old Belief Church again. Locals say Emelyan Pugachev arrived here for praying after his return from Turkey.

Ilyinskaya Church is a temple consisting of three log cabins, rectangular naves and an altar apse. There is also a belfry in the church. The inner church design is characterized by simplicity and modesty. reveal all text

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Address Komissarova str. 44, Gomel GPS Google: 52.415161′ N, 31.008455′ E