Post office building in Kobrin

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Post office building was built in 1846, then almost was subject Lithuanian Post Office in Vilnius with Lida, Novogrudok, Slonim and other nodal post office. Kobrin post office has been identified as a provincial post office 3rd class. In post offices such class staff consisted of the postmaster, assistant and two or three postmen. Postal stations were built on large post road, intended to house the horses and vehicles. Until the end of the nineteenth century-mail is two inseparable functions: transport of passengers and mail delivery. At the stations, overloaded email. It changed horses and found shelter, food, lodging passing. Appointed superintendent in charge of the order. According to postal reform case, which was held in Russia in 1886, district post offices began to unite with the telegraph and call "post and telegraph office" (PTО) n-class.

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Sovetskaya str., 106