Discounts for excursions and refund policy

Dear customers, we are always glad to see you on our group and individual excursions. We appreciate your choice and are ready to give you the best prices for excursions across Belarus, pleasant discounts and bonuses.

Bonuses and discounts

A system of discounts and bonuses has been developed for the clients of, it makes travelling across Belarus advantageous.

  • Excursion as a gift - if you pay 3 one-day group excursions at once (fourth on choice «Evening Minsk» or «Minsk city tour»).
  • Free ticket for excursion for 1 attendant - for every 10 seats of children's groups.
  • 5% discount - for newlyweds on group excursions and individual tours.
  • 5% discount - for veterans on group excursions and individual tours.
  • Discounts on excursions for BSB Bank cardholders under the loyalty program «Kvetka».
  • Additional discounts and excursion giveaways - for subscribers in our account at Instagram.

Refund policy


If you have to refuse a paid excursion or tour, you will be given back the cost of the excursion minus the actual expenses incurred. It is a bank commission for accepting a payment, consulting service, penalties under the contract of the tour operator with the excursion object.

The consulting service is determined by the type of excursion or tour and is:

  • For group one day excursions - 15,00 BYN / 500 RUB;
  • For group multi-day tours - 30,00 BYN / 1 000 RUB;
  • For individual / corporate one day excursions - 50,00 BYN / 1 700 RUB;
  • For individual / corporate multi-day tours - 100,00 BYN / 3 500 RUB.

The cost of consulting services in USD and EUR for foreign citizens is recalculated at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Refund is made directly to the customer of excursion or tour. If you pay for an excursion by card, the refund is made to the card, which was used for payment.

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